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new updates

For information about newer opportunities,
please reach out to Halleh Akbarnia, MD:

4/7/21Please email if you are a medical volunteer and can work an event in the 2nd ward the weekend of April 10th

4/7/21New Opportunity:  Orland Park Vaccine Event April 12th, non medical volunteers needed

4/3/21 New Opportunity:  Looking for help on April 6th (Tuesday) and/or April 27th – Ward 48 community event

4/3/21 ⇒ New Opportunity:  (working on this now) Catholic Charities will be hosting several vaccination clinics on Saturdays – needs begin Saturday April 10th and onward

3/31/21 ⇒ (Positions filled) New OpportunityHelping vaccinate an underserved population in Chicago at Golden Gate Funeral Home (April 1st)

3/31/21 ⇒ New Opportunity:  Looking for Vaccinators for Oak Street Health event at House of Hope for Saturday April 3rd (but other options as well for future dates)

3/31/21 (Positions filled) New Opportunity:  April 5th Warren Township Senior Center event (both vaccinators and non-medical needed)

3/31/21 New Opportunity:  (DATE CHANGE) April 6th and 7th at Little Village Community Church (community event through Instavaxx)

3/29/21 (Positions filled) New Opportunity:  Kodocare Clinics – Joliet (ongoing) – IMMEDIATE NEED tomorrow 3/30 (can get vaccinated if not yet)

3/24/21 ⇒ New Opportunity:  ONE non-medical volunteer needed 8am to 1pm at a vaccine clinic 3/25.  position filled 🙂

3/24/21 New Opportunity:  RUSH ONGOING opportunity Project Chicago Vaccination Bus

3/24/21 New Opportunity:  Help in vaccine clinic, physician office (booking appts) (ongoing)

3/23/21 New Opportunity:  Prism lab looking for people to HIRE to work United Center

3/23/21 New Opportunity:  40th ward event – please only sign up if you can commit

3/20/21  New Opportunity:  Benedictine University will be a clinic site, and vaccines given by MIDC.  Looking for non-medical volunteers.

3/14/21 New Opportunity:  New vaccine clinic asking for help with starting up. March 16th Tuesday 11:30 to 5pm.

3/10/21  New Opportunity:  2nd Ward Vaccine Clinic help. They are full for tomorrow, but email if interested in further clinics – will be setting more up with Alderman Hopkins.

3/10/21 New Opportunity:  Protect Chicago Plus – Austin neighborhood/RUSH univ

3/10/21 New Opportunity:  CFMC vaccine clinic needs help

3/7/21 If you are a RUSH-affiliated medical provider, email to be put in touch with the coordinator at RUSH looking for volunteers

3/6/21 New Opportunity:  Peoria, IL looking for help from non-medical volunteers

3/3/21New Opportunity:  Help sign up seniors through My Block, My Hood, My City

3/1/21 New Opportunity:  UI Health – Vaccine efforts

3/1/21 New Opportunity:  Jesse Brown VA – Vaccine Clinic (medical and non medical)

2/22/21New Opportunity:  For current ACTIVE ILLINOIS LICENSE health care providers (to vaccinate) – through Chicago MRC, leading to possible placement at Chicago POD vaccine sites.

2/17/21New Opportunity:  Silver Cross Hospital

2/16/21 Protect Chicago Plus:  If you are a VACCINATOR, they may STILL need you

2/10/21 Add CHICAGO MRC if you want to help with sites in the city in your ILLINOIS HELPS account

Vaccination Clinics and Events

2nd Ward Vaccine Clinic - March 12th

  • Volunteers are needed to help conduct a vaccination clinic for the first of two doses. Volunteers with no medical experience are needed to assist with on-site verification of pre-registration (required) and guest management. Volunteers with some medical background or training are also needed to assist with post-injection observation and answering patient questions. (Volunteers are NOT needed to administer the actual shot.) Parking is available. Custom work shifts can be arranged upon request. Please do not call the vaccination site directly.
  • March 12th now full but email if interested in further clinics – will be setting more up with Alderman Hopkins.

40th Ward event - Chicago

  • If you live in the 40th Ward in Chicago, there is a vaccination event happening on Thursday 3/25.  
  • In partnership with Jewel-Osco, Swedish Hospital, Chicago Park District, and the Alderman’s office, organizing a Vaccination Event here in the 40th Ward at the River Park Fieldhouse, located at 5100 N Francisco this Thursday! Plan on administering 1500 vaccinations at the event.
  • Targeting Seniors, Teachers, and 1B+ eligible in regard to registration, but we do need volunteer help for line management, setup, information intake. We will be sharing the registration link tomorrow at 9 am.
  • Calling on neighbors in the 40th to really commit to helping on the volunteer front so that we are best prepared for the event! Please fill out this form to sign up for volunteer shifts on Thursday.
  • We do NOT know for sure if they will take others, but may want to register just in case.

48th Ward event - Chicago

  • 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman, in partnership with Jewel-Osco, is hosting a one-day COVID-19 Vaccination event at the Broadway Armory. This event will be by appointment only, for people who live or work in the 48th Ward. Prioritizing seniors and essential workers with these appointments. All individuals in Phases 1a, 1b, and 1c are eligible for appointments; 2400 vaccines will be given out!
  • Date/Time: Tuesday, April 6 and 27, 9am – 5pm (there are 2 shifts 8 to 12:30 and 12:30 to 5) 
  • Location:  the Broadway Armory, 5917 N. Broadway
  • Needs:  28 people to help: Need people with laptops for 14 stations, 2 shifts (will be doing registration, check-ins, calling people who don’t show up, some tech(ish) savvy folks with good communication skills! Need to bring your laptop please! 4 medical folks a shift who can help with vaccine prep and giving Jewel vaccinators breaks.
  • Please sign up with this form.  We will contact you and let you know details of the event, and if you are among the first to sign up.
  • **Of note, if you are not vaccinated, you will have the opportunity to get vaccinated at this event
  • Also, the event director has created a signup genius for OTHER roles, so if something looks more like what you want to do on this, sign up here:

Benedictine University - MIDC vaccine clinic

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning at 9:00 am each day (several different shift possibilities a day)
  • Phase 1a and 1b
  • As part of the clinic, any individual wishing to volunteer would receive a COVID vaccination prior to assisting the University or MIDC.
  • For more information about the event, click here
  • SIGN-UP SHEET:  (there will be more NON-medical slots added in next few days – please indicate if you need a vaccine when you sign up)

Catholic Charities - Vaccination events

  • Unsure of all the details, but they will be in need of 16-20 volunteers each Saturday, starting April 10th. 
  • Fill this form if interested, and you will receive more details in a few days.

Chicago MRC

  • Helping staff some of the Chicago vaccine sites.  They are looking for medical personnel who are able to vaccinate.  For THIS particular assignment, they are looking for the following people: 
    • Per Chicago MRC rules, they are looking only for ACTIVE ILLINOIS licensed DO/MD (including residents, NOT medical students), podiatrists, dentists, veterinarians, RNs (including APN, etc. Not CRN, LPN, not nursing students), PAs, paramedics, EMTs, pharmacists, & pharmacy techs.
  • Sign up here and we will provide this list to Chicago MRC (Medical Reserves Corps) to hopefully help them get more volunteers to start helping at the POD vaccine centers in Chicago. You need to be registered with IL Helps and have checked Chicago MRC as one of your organizations.
  • Fill out this form to help speed up the process AFTER signing up for IL Helps:

Community First Medical Center - Vaccine Clinic

  • The Vaccine clinic needs help with volunteers (ongoing).
  • If you are a MEDICAL provider employed or privileged with CFMC and can help GIVE vaccine, please email and you will be connected to the hospital.

Instavaxx Clinic - Community event at Golden Gate Funeral Home

Instavaxx Clinic - Little Village Community Church Event

  • TIME SENSITIVE – (DATE CHANGE) April 6th and 7th
  • Please fill out this form to sign up and to get more information about event
  • Both vaccinators and non-vaccinators needed

Jesse Brown VA - Vaccine event

  • Looking for flow monitors to greet and direct/escort veterans to check-in with the COVID-19 vaccine center, assist with order and maintain a smooth flow of the line, and answering general questions.
  • Looking for individuals to have the ability to volunteer for a minimum of four hours one day per week consistently for at least four months. The maximum will be eight hours in one day. The opportunity to volunteer are Monday–Friday 7:30am–4pm, with the occasional Saturday clinic.
  • If you would like to be involved in this very important opportunity, please contact Voluntary Services at (312) 569-6340 or email:

Joliet Junior College

  • NON-medical VOLUNTEERS needed
  • You have the option of being vaccinated
  • Clinic most in need on 3/30
  • Click to sign up

Kodocare clinics

MIDC - Warren Township Senior Center event

My Block, My Hood, My City / Chicago Vaccine Angels - Vaccine Equity Project

Oak Street Health - House of Hope

  • House of Hope: 752 E. 114th St., Chicago, IL 60628
  • APRIL 3rd Sat (if Vaccine Moderna, 2nd clinic May 1st) 8am to 2pm
  • There will be other clinic options as well (see form for details)
  • We will have breakfast & boxed lunch for the volunteers
  • Hoping to vaccinate 500 people during that time!
  • NEED 10 more Vaccinators
  • Please fill this form out:
  • OSH COVID Vaccine Clinic

Orland Park community Vaccine event

  • Population that will be getting vaccinated:  2300 vaccines to Orland Park Residents, 1A, B, B+, & C
  • Georgios Banquets (8800 W. 159th St., Orland Park) 
  • Date and Time: April 12th from 10am to 6pm, May 3rd (2nd dose) 10am to 6pm
  • Volunteers to be there between 9am and 6pm
  • Still getting some information about this event:  Looking to see if they will vaccinate the volunteers, and if they will consider doing “half” shifts. For now, let us know if you are interested in this event!  Looking for about 50 NON-medical folks for now for various activities! 
  • Sign up here if able to help, more details to follow:


Peoria, IL - Vaccine Clinics

  • Peoria City/County Health Department (PCCHD) is seeking non-medical volunteers to assist with administrative roles.
  • Volunteers who are licensed medical professionals or students, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and EMTs may be used to help administer.

Physician office - Portage Park area (near CFMC)

  • Please email if you are able to assist in clinic
  • Duties: Help staff call and schedule and book appointments for patients
  • They will be doing this 3-4 days a week, for a 2-3 hour period (you can do as many as you would like, hopefully can commit to 2-3 shifts at least)

Prism lab - PAID JOB United Center

Protect Chicago Plus / Belmont Cragin

  • Oak Street Health has partnered with the Chicago Department of Public Health and Belmont-Cragin community-based organizations to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to all residents of Belmont-Cragin in Northwest Chicago – one of Chicago’s most vulnerable neighborhoods by the Chicago COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index (CCVI). This project has all the NON MEDICAL volunteers it needs right now, thanks to this group as well – 250 individuals are now part of this project!  8 weeks of giving 2000 vaccines each weekend, in the end 8000 people will have both vaccines completed.  Started 2/13/2021

Protect Chicago Plus - RUSH opportunity / Austin area

RUSH University - “mobile” help

  • Great volunteering opportunity Ongoing dates for targeted COVID vaccine distribution to our southside communities.  
  • CDPH is leading this pilot effort using a CTA bus to reach several south side neighborhoods (Englewood/West Englewood/West Garfield Park) with J&J vaccine stock. 
  • Roles may involve promoting and counseling, drawing up and administering vaccines, and observing post-vaccine.  
  • Efforts to promote and recruit participants may involve short walks (with a buddy) to local bus stops with a vaccine cooler in tow.  
  • On-the-ground effort to engage with and vaccinate some of our most vulnerable communities. 
  • There are multiple events planned. If you are interested, you should sign up on this spreadsheet, and you will be contacted for future dates.
  • Please fill in YOUR information here!  (MEDICAL AND NON-MEDICAL)

Vaccine Clinic Start-Up help

  • Both vaccinators and non-medical people are needed to help a Chicago clinic start-up with vaccination efforts.  Tuesday 3/16 11:30am to 5pm. Please sign up only if able to help the entire time. Location and further details will be given once volunteer slots are full.
  • (sign up link removed, as all slots full at this time)

UI Health Vaccination events

Process to become UI Health Team Vaccine Volunteer:

  • Mostly seeking volunteers with the ability to perform vaccinations. Vaccinator volunteers must be a licensed professional who is eligible to vaccinate (e.g. nurse, pharmacist, dentist, physician). 

Illinois Helps

Primary volunteer site for the State.  Suggestion: register here if wanting the state to reach out when state opportunities are available. (medical and non medical).  In this site you can click the “Organizations” link AFTER your registration is fully complete (it may direct you do it during) and then pick organizations you are interested in helping (ie: State Covid 19 Mass Vaccination  AND Cook County Department of Health (pick these for sure), (Chicago Medical Reserves Corp, local dept of health are others you can choose – you may be asked to add other groups as they start to need more).  You should get an email after saying “registration complete” but then we all wait until the state is ready for us.  🙂  UPDATE 2/10/21 Add CHICAGO MRC if you want to help with sites in the city

IL Helps Volunteer Guide:

***Link to IL Helps Site:
Cook County Stating that you should pick Cook County Department of Health AND State Covid 19 Mass Vaccination as the organizations you want to join (when you are asked to join an organization).  UPDATE 2/10/21 Add CHICAGO MRC if you want to help with sites in the city

County Help

(Answer to a popular question… Yes, some of these sites will vaccinate you as a volunteer.  You will need to give them a certain amount of shifts of your time – but again, there is NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE VACCINATED)

Cook County
2/4/21 ⇒ Cook County has informed us that at THIS time, they will not be using volunteers for their mass clinics – they are working with the National Guard at this time.  They WILL be opening sites most likely early March/April that will be needing volunteers.  For now, keep looking here, but seek other opportunities to help.  Keep registered at IL HELPS (sign up for Cook County MRC, State Mass Vaccine, Cook County Department of Health)

Dupage County
Recruitment Link (will need to close out the vaccine signup box first).  Prefer 8 hour shifts, and minimum 25 hours. At this time, there is a small hourly rate they will pay you.  This may change.
They will review your information and contact you:

Grundy County
Contact: Corban Flynn, Emergency Response Coordinator (815) 941-6818 
Interest Form:

Lake County
If you are interested in volunteering with the Lake County Health Department, email your inquiry to:

McHenry County

Contact:  Christine Huelsman
Will need to join MRC first:
Link to McHenry MRC application

Individual Township / Village Help

Evanston (Cook County)
Start by filling out the MRC application found here.  Preferable if you are a resident of Evanston, or work there, or do not have your own MRC in your town (they do not want to step on other jurisdictions).

Skokie (Cook County)
To volunteer for Skokie, for now, start by filling out the MRC application found here.  Preferable if you are a resident of Skokie, or work there, or do not have your own MRC in your town (they do not want to step on other jurisdictions).  They have a vaccine clinic they could use help at.  More information next week.

Hospital/System Help

Silver Cross Hospital – New Lenox, IL
Contact for information about how to help.  Laura Valencik – or Eric Danielson

General Training Links

Link to general CDC Training site – set up account to do WB courses below

Disclaimer: These opportunities were researched and the information presented here – you can decide what you would like to be doing. These options will change! Keep coming back! Information can change DAILY so please check with the sites you are interested in first.